Wood refinishing and restoration

Natural wood surfaces can include cabinetry, windows, doors and trim, or furniture. There are almost limitless effects that can be achieved on natural wood, from the use of various types of stains and a multitude of clear finishes and toned lacquers, to shading and distressing methods. We have the experience and skills to match existing finishes so they blend in with the old. We can create a new look for old and tired woodwork by refreshing the finish, refurbishing or completely re-finishing. We can even change the tone of your woodwork to give you a whole new look, without losing the beautiful characteristics inherent in natural wood surfaces.


Let us show you what can be done to beautify your home or offices’ natural wood surfaces. Whether brand new or turn of the last century, transforming wood into something truly beautiful is a specialty of ours.

Specialty wood stains and finishes

Some of the specialty finishes you can find at Herb Rimmel Fine Painting are:

  • Custom stain matching.
  • Replicating aged wood finishes.
  • Toning existing woodwork to change its coloration.
  • Refurbishing or re-finishing any wood surface.
  • Shading, glazing, distressing or antiquing wood surfaces.
  • Many specialty painted effects.

Whatever your interior painting needs may be, you’ve come to the right place when you choose Herb Rimmel Fine Painting!