Exterior Painting Portland Oregon

Our goal here is to encapsulate the exterior surface of your home with a protective film that will help prevent decay and deterioration from exposure to the outdoor environment. An exterior paint job done properly will help protect your investment and save you money on repair bills in the long term. Each surface presents its own set of challenges and requires procedures unique to its makeup.

Quality Painting of Wood siding, doors and windows

Whether new siding or old, there are steps that need to be taken to assure a long lasting finish. Wood surfaces are challenging in that they are always moving due to the changes in moisture content. Here we want to be sure to remove any contaminant that may resist good paint adhesion. Whether it be “mill glaze” or simply dirt and oils from installation and exposure to the elements on new wood siding, or poor adhesion of previous coatings, a clean and sound substrate is essential for a long lasting exterior paint job. Only the best materials will hold up to the challenges of a Northwest climate. From top rated paints like Benjamin Moore Aura to flexible caulking like Sonaborn Sonolastic Sealant or Bondo brand epoxy fillers, we need a good arsenal of products to help protect your investment from the elements.


To help assure that an unbroken paint film is achieved it is critical that the paint applied be back-brushed to fill any small cracks or holes in the siding.

Painting stucco and cement based exteriors

These surfaces don’t move like wood siding. That has both advantages and disadvantages. While more stable, stucco and cement surfaces are more susceptible to cracking and spalling. New stucco surfaces should always be coated with elastomeric coatings that will bridge any small cracks that form in the substrate. It is essential here to assure that any cracks that have formed be filled with the proper patching compounds like elastomeric fillers. When deeper colors are specified, it is best to follow the elastomeric coating with a high grade exterior paint finish for better color retention.

Painting or staining decks and railings

Anyone who has owned a home with a deck knows of the challenges involved in maintaining a finish. Again, a clean surface and top grade materials like Sikkens deck coatings are key. Horizontal surfaces have more direct exposure to the sun and rain. The best approach to keeping up your deck and heading off costly repairs is to be sure to completely coat every side of each piece of wood when it is installed, and careful yearly inspection to maintain a good barrier between the wood and the elements.


Whatever your exterior coating needs are, we at Herb Rimmel Fine Painting have the experience and know-how to protect your investment and help head off costly repairs. Exterior coatings are your first line of defense against the elements and deserve careful consideration when choosing who will apply them.


Some exterior painting specialties are:

  • Refinishing or refurbishing beautiful wood entry doors, pillars and columns.
  • Restoring historic exteriors.
  • Dry rot repairs.