Professional House Painting - Ceilings and Walls

Ceilings and walls account for the majority of painted interior surfaces. They are a vehicle used to convey mood, a canvas for artwork and furnishings, a statement of who you are as an individual. A large component of wall painting is color selection. While the final choice of colors is between you and your interior designer, we at Herb Rimmel Fine Painting have many years of experience in helping you arrive at your decision. Paint colors offered through paint manufacturers sometimes simply need that final “tweaking” to make them just the right shade for your individual living space.


The next step, after choosing your colors, is preparing the wall surface to allow for a smooth and uniform appearance. This is a critical step in the process of achieving a beautiful finish for your ceilings and walls. Color breaks at different planes need to be carefully addressed so that there is a clean, sharp line between them. This requires a steady hand, lots of practice and a few “tricks of the trade”.


Let us transform your ceiling and wall surfaces into something that will bring you joy and comfort whether at home or in the office.

Beautiful Woodwork Painting or Refinishing

Painted woodwork is where the majority of labor hours are spent. This is often where you will find great variations in cost from one painting contractor to the next, since cost is always proportional to the amount of labor involved. There is virtually no limit to the amount of time one can spend attempting to make painted woodwork look “perfect”. This is where it is critical for the contractor to have a clear understanding of the clients’ expectations and budget. Communication is the key component in determining what level of work is expected and how much the client is willing to spend on the project.


Even at our minimum standard level, we at Herb Rimmel Fine Painting will see to it that your finished woodwork always looks beautiful and feels smooth to the touch. At the high end of the scale, we can produce a finish unsurpassed by any of the finest painters available!


Whether you are building a new house or addition, or transforming an old home that has been neglected, let us show you what can be accomplished by our skilled craftsmen. You will enjoy it for many years to come!